Large data sets or data presented in form of texts and write-ups or even in a power-point slide are the general way that people circulate data now-a-days, but what is a tethering problem in the current setup is that the person who makes these presentations are very apt in reading and deciphering it as it is made by them but on the other hand the person who reads it finds himself/herself in great trouble in understanding the same. These problems are often the cause of your clients (internal or external) asking you to take them through your presentations which are always not worth given the importance of the job (as it might be quite trivial). Infographic data visualizing on the other hand presents data in a visually appealing way in a single picture through graphs/charts and other means in such a way that it can be understood easily and at the same point of time large data sets can be presented in a single go.

1Solution offers extremely simple to read and visually appealing infographics to visualize your data. All you need to do is send us the data set and we will create stunning infographics that will be easy to understand and readable by all including a layman.